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Hi I am Holly and this is my Contact page, so here I can share my email address, which is

My blog as I mentioned in my about page is really about health but also about my personal journey tough life and what I am doing and plan to do to make something of my life. I am a relatively normal person who wants to keep healthy both physically and mentally. Which are 2 very different things obviously and equally important.

So I will focus on both parts of health and talk about them equally. And as I mentioned before, really looking forward to getting emails to talk about my blog content.

Thanks for reading my blog, I do appreciate it immensely.

Why not try writing a blog post yourself, it is quite therapeutic. I would be happy to help you get set up, it is quite simple to set up and easy to maintain if you have lots to write or even if you have small amounts. Either way it is really worth doing as you can express yourself and if nobody reads it, you will feel better for expressing yourself.





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